About Us


We are Creative Scientists

We optimise businesses using AI, machine learning and advanced algorithms.

We are a South African tech innovation company that specialises in AI and machine learning. We focus on solving tough problems for our clients.

Isazi was born after a newspaper article titled 'South Africa scores the lowest in Mathematics'. As scientists with advanced degrees in mathematics, we knew there and then that we had an obligation to solve Africa’s toughest problems in education and business.

The word Isazi means 'bearer of knowledge' or 'scientist' in isiZulu, and our approach to data is fundamentally scientific. In a hypothesis-driven approach, we search for patterns and trends that lead us to a data-driven solution. We continuously test and update our models and algorithms, maintaining the state-of-the-art. Our approach is data-driven and business-oriented - maximising value creation for our clients.

Isazi connects to a global network of universities and tech experts. We implement cutting edge research to provide clients with a competitive advantage, see our products and services.

Isazi is a Level 2 BBBEE contributor.

Our Founders

Obakeng Moepya

Obakeng is a data scientist with qualifications in Mathematics of Finance, Applied Mathematics, with specializations in global optimization. He completed his PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Johannesburg. He is passionate about contributing to the advancement of South Africa, and is well positioned to design unique solutions to challenging real-world problems.

  • Awarded an academic excellence scholarship in 2004
  • Received a certificate of merit in 2005 for distinction in economics
  • Inducted to be a Golden Key Member in 2009
  • Awarded the Postgraduate Merit Award in 2009 & 2010 by the faculty of science
  • Awarded the National Research Foundation scarce-skills scholarship in 2009 & 2010 towards a Masters Degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Awarded the Postgraduate Merit Scholarship in 2009 & 2010
  • Awarded the Bradlow scholarship in 2010
  • Moepya, S. O., Nekwamondo, F.V., Van der Walt, C. “A Support Vector Machine Approach to Detect Financial Statement Fraud in South Africa: A First Look”, Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Springer International Publishing, 2014. 42-51
  • Moepya, S.O., Akhoury, S.S, Nelwamondo, F.V., "Applying Cost-Sensitive Classification for Financial Fraud Detection under High Class Imbalance”, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshop, IEEE, 2014.183-192.
Ashley Anthony

Ashley is a geophysicist with qualifications in Physics, Mathematics and Environmental Science. Ashley has taken his knowledge as a geophysicist and has applied it to investment banking, mining and environmental management. This has placed him in a position to provide sustainable solutions through the integration of science and business with a major focus on developing Africa.

Today, with degrees in Physics and Mathematics under his belt, Ashley serves his clients as the CEO of Isazi, analysing the mathematical levers of businesses to define best possible solutions.

Ashley is a SingularityU South Africa Faculty Member and is a frequent speaker. Here is a list of where he has spoken:

  • 2017, March: Global Entrepreneurship Congress (The Alternative Use of Data in Financial Services)
  • 2017, Aug: SingularityU South Africa Summit (AI & Robotics Panel)
  • 2018: Exponential Africa Show
  • 2019, Feb: Exponential Finance Summit
  • 2019, Aug: SingularityU South Africa Summit (Future of AI & Robotics Panel)
  • 2019, Sept: Silica Idea-Ology

Refer to the SingularityU page for bookings

Dario Fanucchi

Dario has excelled academically in the field of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics throughout his career. He is also actively applying his expertise in algorithmic development and programming solutions full-time in order to develop next generation solutions at Isazi Consulting.

  • Third Year (8 Awards): William Cullen Medal for most distinguished Science Graduate, Douglas Sears Mathematics Prize, Herbert Le May Prize, Liberty Life Gold Medal, Prize for Achievement in CAM III, RMB Gold Medal for CAM III, Starfield Prize for best project in CAM III
  • Second Year (4 awards): Computer Science II Department Prize, Liberty Life Silver Medal, Prize for Achievement in CAM II, RMB Silver Medal for CAM II
  • First Year (7 awards): Computer Science I department Prize, IBM Bronze Medal, Liberty Life Bronze Medal, Prize for achievement in CAM I, RMB Medal for Achievement in CAM I, SAMS Bronze medal and Certificate
  • Represented South Africa at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Mexico (2005)
  • Part of South Africa’s preliminary Squad for the International Olympiad in Informatics (2006)
  • Bronze Medal in the South African Computer Olympiad (2005)
  • Awarded Dirk Van Rooy Silver Medal in South African Mathematics Olympiad (2004)
  • Placed 5th in the De Beers English Olympiad (2004)
  • Reached third round (top 12) in the South African Computer Science Olympiad in 2003 & 2004
  • Won Pretoria University Mathematics Olympiad in 2001 & 2002
  • Participated in ACM National Computing Competition in 2006 & 2007

Our Corporate Social Investment Projects

  • Sive Host

    Founded in 2010, by S’bu Khoza, Sive Host is a South Africa cloud computing company specializing in GPU hosting, dedicated servers and additional web services.

    In 2015, Isazi supported Sive Host to help them grow their product and business offerings.

  • Classmaster

    Classmaster is an educational technology that allows teachers to mark 100 tests with just 1 picture. The solution does not require internet, therefore is an ideal solution for developing countries.

  • Labeller

    Isazi provides temporary employment in the form of data capturing for South African unemployed youth.