Industry Applications


We apply our skillset to an incredibly diverse range of problems



  • Grammatron

    Grammartron tests grammar by using words to structure sentences.It provides options to select grammar and a theme of choice.Gammarton creates interest by using a theme that relates to you while learning how to use grammar.It also provides the user with options to assist you when choosing the correct grammar.

    Select question:
    Plurals, spelling, punctuation, participals, definite articles and capitalisation.

    Create a theme:
    Chess, cricket, football, Mandela, Pokemon, rugby, South Africa

    Grammarton is to assist students in learning grammar in a personal way.

  • 30 Second Game Cognitive Coach (COCO)

    We've developed a web-based mathematics question generator. It's capable of rapidly filling question databases by means of a generic templating Cognitive or Intelligent textbook. The web-based question generator has the ability to automatically process textbooks and generate quiz questions and 30 seconds game cards from them, enabling technology to mark multiple choice questions automatically.

    This system interacts with students and optimally delivers content and activities to achieve engaged learning.

  • Scanning Tech

    Scanning Tech is a system that extracts data from a multiple choice question paper.

    Isazi's tech assists teachers to mark student tests faster and accurately on a digital platform with a better visualisation of their results.

    The tech features are: Excel download of the results, easy upload of photographic scan of the sheets and generates a student ID code.



Retention Algorhithms

Retention Tool is a customer retention analytics platform developed to help online casinos discover and implement intelligent and effective customer retention stratagems. It uses data-driven customer modelling and predictive analysis to identify customers at risk of leaving the casino.

With this information, the casino can then intervene with the appropriate retention tactic (such as a promotion, free plays, free spins, etc.)

Using its machine learning engine, retention tool is also able to predict the future spending habits of different player types. Having this solution helps the casino focus on the player clusters with the highest potential earnable value.



  • FORT: (Finance Origination Retention Tool)

    International research shows that customer retention is one of the few imperatives available to commercial banks for their survival and growth.

    fѻrꝉ is a product that we have applied to improving customer retention and acquisition in the banking sector. It runs analytics on a deep and multifaceted pool of data regarding each individual customer. This data is gathered from the customer’s banking activity and diverse data stores.

    fѻrꝉ then scores each customer using predictive analysis and a statistical model defined using various data attributes characterizing that customer. This scoring provides insights and identifies opportunities and strategies to best target, engage and retain the customer.

  • Fraud Detection

    Fraud detection tool has been developed to prevent both financial statement fraud and insurance fraud.With financial statement fraud, the fraud detection tool uses predictive analysis to flag those companies with a greater probability of manipulating their financial statements (say, in order to obtain an extended line of credit, inflate their share price and decrease their taxable income). We have applied this product to predict financial statement fraud with an accuracy of over 76%.

    With this information, the insurance company is able to accurately ascertain the risk profiles of their customers and accordingly adjust and optimally price their insurance premiums.


Industrial + Logistics

  • Crate Packing Optimisation

    Crαꝉefull solves a complex problem; its underlying algorithm is able to determine a consistently optimal way to pack shipping containers. Packing containers in an optimal way (so that the minimum number of containers are used) whilst meeting packing standards (that define various constraints and restrictions in weight distribution for transport over sea, air, and land) is something very difficult to do.

    In one application, Crαꝉefull was used to save a client 15 containers per month. With each container costing around R40,000.00, this means the client saves about R600,000.00 per month or just over R7 million per year.

  • Airline Trail Assignment

    With the airline industry being extremely competitive, perhaps the most important question for an airline is how to design its flight schedule to maximise revenue.The algorithms underlying this solution are able to design a consistently optimal flight schedule for the airline.

    Airline scheduler also incorporates functionality to manage and change flight schedules on the fly (say, in the event of a natural disaster or if there is a popular concert happening, where there is a sudden change in flight demand) and seamlessly stitch schedules together.

    Airline Flight Schedule Optimization, unlike offerings from other industry players, is able to design flight schedules that are provably optimal.



  • Radiology Project

    Currently, throughout Africa, there are approximately 15 specialised pediatric radiologists. What this means from the point of access to quality healthcare is that over 90% of pediatric radiographs are not seen by a pediatric radiologist. As a result of this, error rates in the form of misdiagnosis are significantly increased.

    Isazi has developed a platform that is capable of digitally distributing the workload to pediatric radiologists not only throughout Africa but also the rest of the world.

    The integration of AI is expected to drastically reduce the time required by each radiologist to diagnose a patient.

  • Genome/Cancer Project

    Genome/Cancer project is an opportunity because genetic and drug response data collected in Africa is far richer and more varied than data collected in a more ethnically consistent part of the world.

    Isazi has partnered with Mhlanga Labs to develop a precision medicine platform based on African cancer data.Our algorithm can run in two modes: research and execution.

    In research mode, the algorithm suggests experiments for lab use that will cause it to maximise its future understanding of difficult cases. In execution mode, the algorithm will suggest the most effective drugs for a patient.



  • Radio Airplay Monitoring

    Each song played on Radio incurs an airplay royalty fee and, given radio’s enormous coverage and audience numbers, a chance to generate more income from sales outside the radio industry.

    Isazi Radio monitoring system is designed to be a premier radio airplay monitoring tool that provides automated, real-time tracking of song airplay across radio stations worldwide. With access to this tool, artists, record labels, and copyright associations get rich and accurate reporting on song airplay.

    This data can be used to audit the number of times a song is played and, from there, to determine and apportion airplay royalties. The music industry can use this data to target their music promotions by rewarding those radio stations that are playing their music and marketing to those that are not.

  • Discovering Opportunities in Radio Advertising

    αdrѻid is developed as a radio advert monitoring system. It will run automatically and in real-time, scanning across the radio spectrum for adverts, identifying advertisers and (using rate card data we have access to) computing advertiser spend by the station. Radio stations with access to αdrѻid, therefore, become privy to data that shows not just what is being lost but also that which can potentially be gained. This presents them with opportunities to refocus their marketing strategy and lobby advertisers who are not with them. αdrѻid can also be used by advertisers to determine what the competition is up to (the radio stations they are advertising on and their advert spend) and obtain insights to adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly.


Real Estate


Report tool is an assistant tool that helps assess property value with detailed information about the potential purchase.

The information of previous owners, surrounding areas such as schools, retails, and crime in the area.

Using its machine learning engine, retention tool is also able to predict the future spending habits of different player types. Having this solution helps the casino focus on the player clusters with the highest potential earnable value.



  • Superspreaders + Marketing via Network

    Telecommunication companies are able to identify superspreaders within their network as those who call other network customers(the fringe).The superspreaders advantage is the influence they have on the fringe and are able to persuade the fringe to become customers provided that the super spreaders receive quality offerings and incentives.

    Marketing via Network
    Using mobiles as a marketing platform for advertisers to promote their brands and advertise their discounted products. The biggest differentiator for Telco is the ability to push an advertisement to a consumer based on the geo-location and interest e.g. if you as an individual is in the vicinity of a Nando’s he could show this SMS to receive a 10% discount.

  • Custom Contracts

    While there are benefits in offering contract product to customers there are also high risks of contract default.The identified opportunity will provide the network providers with the ability to predicting default and retain customers.Report. When one is buying property a report is generated and which provides detailed information on the potential purchase.

    Instead of tracking each of millions of customers’ usage patterns individually, cluster analysis seeks to determine common characteristics amongst groups of customers.



MM1 Dashboard

The MM1 Dashboard is an online tool that visualises brands’ marketing spend over various media types, such as radio, television, online, direct mail and out-of-home channels.

Per-brand marketing spend across different media channels over time, with events highlighted and explained. Brands within an industry market spend over time.Both a historical and current breakdown of a particular industry into top-spending brands are shown.

Market spend of industries over time.
Correlation Graphs over a certain time period.
Custom segmentation based on industry correlation trends. Custom segmentation based on brand correlation trends.



  • Scanning Tech

    Scanning tech enables developers to scan text from natural images.This technology is far more advanced than traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which requires images to be high-resolution scans of documents.

    We have applied the scanning tech to the scanning of cell phone airtime slips by photographing them instead of having to manually enter 16-digit PIN codes.

    Another application for imagicα is in the big data space, where it can be used to scan across large image databases and extract text from all stored images. This can then be used in data queries.

    Instead of tracking each of millions of customers’ usage patterns individually, cluster analysis seeks to determine common characteristics amongst groups of customers.

  • Form-based Handwriting

    Isazi has created a digitization solution that reads any handwriting and automatically converts unstructured data from PDF forms into structured data – ready to be analyzed, processed, stored.

    This solution maximizes accuracy better than any conventional OCR. With a minimum training data, a 10-steps automated process produces >95%-character accuracy and helps the user to correct effortless.

    Handwriting OCR automated data extraction capability will eliminate the need for data re-entry, thusly saving the business cost and time and improving operational efficiency by streamlining document-driven workflows.



  • Neural Translation Engine

    To ensure that everyone can access government documents, enjoy the country's diverse radio, television, and literature, as well as communicate with each other is difficult.

    Our Neural Translation Engine is based on state of the art deep machine learning algorithms and can be trained to translate many languages including all of South Africa's official languages.

    Our algorithm can achieve world class machine translation performance in a fraction of the time a human translator would need, saving time and money. Our Neural Translation Engine is already used in our Automatic Dubbing Tool.

  • The Dubbinator

    Manual dubbing is a slow, and expensive process a reduction in the costs of dubbing by 10x would enable much greater market penetration. This is not limited only to movies and TV shows. Dubbed educational material could also be provided at low cost to underprivileged communities.

    Isazi's Dubbinator can translate, dub and synchronise videos with greatly reduced effort. We use modernly advanced algorithms to do this at a fraction of the cost of the traditional manual dubbing process.

    In particular, we use our state-of-the-art Neural Translation Engine to translate between South African languages. Later, the system will also include unique Text-to-Speech capabilities for South African languages.



Isazi Consulting has developed a system that ingests tables from Redshift representing 1Hz motion and location data from cellular devices.The system processes this data and inserts the results into a collection of normalised database tables.

Isazi Consulting has also developed a visualisation tool where trips can be visualised as a 3D reconstruction of the vehicle and mobile device, alongside an annotated overview of the trip and route on a map.

A web-based 3D simulation and visualisation tool were built to visualise and inspect annotated phone and vehicle motion.The data collected was from a mobile app that included gravimetric, accelerometer, orientation, GPS and altimeter measurements.