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Harness the true power of your business data.

We approach problem-solving scientifically. We implement machine learning and AI to bring real meaning to data. Learn how to tap into untouched business savings & opportunities.


Sophia ™

Sophia ™ is an AI-driven text transcription software. It automates the entire data capturing process from end-to-end, turning unstructured data into structured data.

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Hudson ™

Hudson ™ is an AI integration layer that uses a library of mathematical models. These enable accurate predictions and insights for our clients.

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Data Strategy

Isazi provides data strategies unique to each client's environment, unlocking business value. We map the business data, apply AI models and derive data-driven opportunities that can shift profit, cash and market share.

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  • Amazon
  • Google Analytics
  • IBM Watson
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MIT
  • Next Biosciences
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  • USF
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